This section assumes you do not want to stack the shield with stacking headers. If you want to stack another shield on top, skip to the Stacking Shields section!
Check you have everything you need: assembled shield PCB, 0.1" male header, 4 of 3x4 male header, and a 2 pin terminal block
Break apart the 0.1" header into 6, 8 and/or 10-pin long pieces and slip the long ends into the headers of your Arduino
Place the shield on top of the header pins, they should fit into each of the holes along the edge
Solder each of the pins to secure the shield to the headers

Place the 2 pin terminal block so it faces out. Also place the 3x4 headers so the short pins are plugged into the shield and the long pins are sticking up

To keep them in place, a few pieces of tape will hold them for when you flip the board over.
Flip the board over and solder the terminal block
Then solder one pin of each 3x4 header to tack them in place.
Finally...solder every pin of the 3x4 headers
You're done! Go onto the next sections to learn how to use your servo/pwm shield

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