Please note that there is a small cosmetic error on the first revision of these boards (shown above). The straight X arrow for the accelerometer should be pointing in the opposite direction, towards the right. This will be fixed in the next run of these boards.
Adafruit's 10DOF (10 Degrees of Freedom) breakout board allows you to capture ten (err, eleven!) distinct types of motion or orientation related data.

After testing a lot of combinations of sensors, we settled on the following devices that we think offer the best results and the least amount of hassle:
  • LSM303DLHC - a 3-axis accelerometer (up to +/-16g) and a 3-axis magnetometer (up to +/-8.1 gauss) on a single die
  • L3GD20 - a 3-axis gyroscope (up to +/-2000 dps)
  • BMP180 - A barometric pressure sensor (300..1100 hPa) that can be used to calculate altitude, with an additional on-board temperature sensor

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The Adafruit 10DOF board and library reuses the existing Adafruit drivers for the LSM303DLHC (accelerometer and magnetometer), the L3GD20 (gyroscope) and the BMP180 (pressure/altitude sensor).

For information about these particular drivers, consult the following learning guides:
This breakout is basically just a smooshed together version of all three so anything you can do with those libraries/guides will follow here.

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