Prepare the header strip:

Cut the strip to length if necessary. It will be easier to solder if you insert it into a breadboard - long pins down.

Add the breakout board:

Place the breakout board over the pins so that the short pins poke through the breakout pads

And Solder!

Be sure to solder all 5 pins for reliable electrical contact.

(For tips on soldering, be sure to check out our Guide to Excellent Soldering).
Now you can do the terminal block, this is what you'll use to attach the thermocouple since you cannot solder to thermocouples

The terminal block goes on the top with the open ends pointing out
Solder the two pads as you did with the plain header. They're quite large and require a lot of solder
Insert the thermocouple wires and tighten down the clamps with a small Phillips or flat screwdriver
That's it! you are now ready to wire and test

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