You can connect an EYESPI compatible display to the EYESPI breakout board using an EYESPI cable. An EYESPI cable is an 18 pin flexible PCB (FPC). The FPC can only be connected properly in one orientation, so be sure to follow the steps below to ensure that your display and breakout are plugged in properly.

Each EYESPI cable has blue stripes on either end. On the other side of the cable, underneath the blue stripe, are the connector pins that make contact with the FPC connector pins on the display or breakout.

To begin inserting an EYESPI cable to an FPC connector, gently lift the FPC connector black latch up. 

Then, insert the EYESPI cable into the open FPC connector by sliding the cable into the connector. You want to see the blue stripe facing up towards you. This inserts the cable pins into the FPC connector.

To secure the cable, lower the FPC connector latch onto the EYESPI cable.

Repeat this process for the FPC connector on your display. Again, ensure that the blue stripe on either end of the cable is facing up.

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