To interact with your Adafriend, lightly tap on the case and you should hear a little tone of acknowlegement from inside. The Cube will wake up in a neutral mood when turned on, and its mood can be elevated with taps or settled with some alone time. The Adafriend's moods are as follows:


If left alone for too long, your Adafriend will become sad with sad eyebrows and make random sad tones that decrease in pitch in groups of three.


In this mode, your Adafriend is content to simply gaze around and make single random tones.


When your Adafriend is happy, a big smile will appear below its eye, and it will make happy tones that increase in pitch in groups of three. At random intervals, it will even sing a random happy tune from its saved list.


If you tap and annoy your Adafriend too much it wil become angry and show angry eyebrows and a scowl. It will make low pitched angry tones that decrease farther in pitch in groups of three. At this point, it needs some alone time, and will return to neutral when it has calmed down.

That's it! Have fun playing with your friend, customize its colors, add IR features, and I hope you enjoyed this guide!


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This guide was first published on Jun 28, 2016. It was last updated on Mar 08, 2024.

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