You are about to embark on a journey to another dimension, a dimension of curiosity, wonder, and creativity. A journey in a wondrous land of electronic invention. Next Stop, the ADABOX ZONE!

This Halloween, we're going to strap in and face a future so bright we have to wear LED shades to compete. No matter whether you spend all fall working on a costume, or if you throw on a party hat before stepping out the door, this ADABOX will complement your look with style: we're at the forefront of wearable technology with wireless-controllable Bluetooth glasses bedazzled with 116 tiny RGB LEDs.

Thanks to CircuitPython's new wireless programming capability, you can code up motion or sound-reactive patterns over the air! With BLE connectivity you can code even if all you've got is a phone or tablet.

This ADABOX comes to us courtesy of Digi-Key. Like a magical artifact that can make your thoughts come to life, Digi-Key's encyclopedic catalog is there to help you pull your fantastic inventions from the land of ideas into concrete reality.

In The Box

LED Glasses Kit

These come as a front plate containing 116 RGB LEDs and the side PCB that controls the designs.


Use this to connect the two PCBs together.

Glasses Frames

These fashion frames are in style if you want that chunky face-framing look. They're also great as a mechanical frame to attach the glasses PCB to.

Plus: bonus lanyard!

3 x AAA Battery Holder and Batteries

This is your portable power pack for the LED glasses.

JST PH Extension Cable

This cable is used to make it easier to clip the battery pack to your jacket or belt.

Small Cable Ties & Foam Tape

These will let you securely attach the PCBs to the glasses frames.

The zip ties in this box changed last-minute due to supply chain issues and may not fit the front-glasses PCB holes. Please use wire or string if the zip ties don't fit easily!

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