It's just a BLINK to the left, and then a SPARKLE to the the ri-i-i-i-ight... This Halloween we're going to glam it up, and shine brighter than ever! In this ADABOX we'll give you 2000+ rainbow pixels to customize for the ultimate expressive display.

With a bit of a mind flip... make a mesmerizing digital sand box or huge spooky eyes for your windowsill. Space out on sensation.... playing your favorite animated GIFs or the latest tweets. Nothing can ever be the same...once you have a Matrix Portal and a 64x32 RGB Matrix display! This WiFi-connectable display is like a little bit of Times Square brought into your home.

A huge thank you to Digi-Key for going above-and-beyond to help support Adafruit over the last few months. Digi-Key's support made this box possible, and we are so excited to see what you will build!

So come up to the ADABOX lab and see what's on the slab. I see you shiver with antici...

AdaBox 016 Contents

Adafruit Matrix Portal

The star of the show! With a powerful SAMD51 processor, it can easily drive an RGB Matrix display while juggling other tasks. Add in an ESP32 WiFi co-processor and you've got full connectivity. Plugs right into the back of any RGB Matrix, and is powered over USB C.

64 x 32 RGB Matrix

Over 2000 colorful LEDs - the most LEDs of any ADABOX! Plug it into the Matrix Portal and use our Arduino or CircuitPython libraries to draw and animate.

LED Diffusion Acrylic

This black acrylic adds some extra diffusion to your LED Matrix project. This material is made of special cast acrylic that makes it perfect for glowy projects.

Adhesive Squares

This strong and transparent adhesive is perfect for mounting the LED acrylic to the front of your matrix.

5V 2.4A Power Supply + USB C Adapter

Once you've programmed your matrix, you can power it with this supply for a stand-alone display. If your location doesn't use US plugs, use a low-cost plug adapter.

Bent Wire Stand

Keep your kit upright while you're working on it with this simple but effective stand.

M3 Machine Screws

Use two on the Matrix Portal to attach power cables. The rest can be used if you want to mount the Matrix display using the M3 bosses.

Face Mask

Stay safe, stay covered!

Ear Saver

We love these flexible ear savers, they hook onto the loops of a mask behind your head - keeping your delicate ears from chafing.

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