Animated GIF showing CLUE board  displaying data from the many on-board sensors.
Do you feel like you just don't have a CLUE? Well, we can help with that - get a CLUE here at Adafruit by picking up this sensor-packed development board. We wanted to build some...
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Adafruit Bonsai Buckaroo - micro:bit & CLUE Plant Care Helper connected to a plant and a cup of water with alligator clips. Display reads "CLUE Buckaroo, Soil: 3.1K, Motor Off"
We can’t wait for spring to arrive, and we’re looking forward to caring for some plants! We designed this little add-on for
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Submersible 3V DC Water Pump with 1 Meter Wire
Make fountains or plant-watering projects with this submersible water pump. It's great for beginner projects and super easy to use! The pump is basically a DC motor that is powered...
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Tubing for Submersible Pumps - PVC 6mm Inner diameter
This tubing is designed to go with our simple submersible pumps. Great for making water-powered projects. This tubing seems to be made of PVC, it's definitely not food safe, we...
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White K95 mask shown on a mannequin. Straps around the ears and covers nose and mouth
This KN95 Face Mask is made of strong filter material, is easy to wear, and