So you've had fun playing around with all these great CLUE based projects. But then you remember that cool demo that was on the CLUE when you got your AdaBox. Want that back? Sure thing. Here's the code.

Download this UF2 file:

Double press reset to put your CLUE in bootloader mode and drag that UF2 file to the BOOT folder and you should be back to spirit level goodness.

And you can do this again anytime you want. So don't feel scared to reprogram the board and lose this cool demo.

Source Code

If you want to see the source code behind the demo, here are the links. These are written in Arduino.

The main demo code is here:

The spirit level code is here:

The plotter code is here:

Happy plotting!

This guide was first published on Jul 22, 2020. It was last updated on Jun 24, 2020.

This page (Demo Code) was last updated on Jul 31, 2020.

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