Player One, Ready? This ADABOX will show you how to become your own video game creator with MakeCode Arcade. No need to save your quarters up either, all you need is a computer with a web browser to use Microsoft's game creation engine. Learn about sprites, tile maps, and sound effects to craft your masterpiece, then run it on the PyGamer board for portable gameplay.

PyGamer is our full-featured portable gaming platform. It features a color TFT display, analog joystick, buttons, speaker, headphone jack, SD card slot, as well as light and motion sensors. It's hack-able, you can plug in STEMMA cables or FeatherWings to extend its capabilities. It's designed to work perfectly with MakeCode Arcade, and you can also write games in CircuitPython, Arduino, or even run an emulator to play old 8-bit games of yore.

This ADABOX is possible with the generous sponsorship and support from Digi-Key. They made designing and shipping this box a breeze thanks to how fast they shipped our parts orders. We are so impressed with their accuracy and speed, we wrote a game in their honor, its already included on the PyGamer. Try and see if you can pack purchase orders as well as they do!

AdaBox 012 Contents

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