Reach out beyond your desk - to the stars and beyond, with PyPortal! This ADABOX features a new, easy-to-use IoT device that allows you to customize and create your very own "Internet of Things" portal. We take CircuitPython to the max, pairing a SAMD51 chip with a 3.2" color TFT touchscreen and secure Wi-Fi co-processor.

With the open-source Python-powered PyPortal, you can fetch and display anything in the world: inspirational quotes, weather forecasts, your social media followers, cat photos, and more - over Wi-Fi with the latest technologies. Create little pocket universes of joy that connect to something good. You can even rotate it 90 degrees, now it's a web-connected conference badge - and take #badgelife to the next level!

Thanks to the generous sponsorship and support from Analog Devices and Digi-Key, we've even included a fancy precision temperature sensor! Each PyPortal comes with an ADT7410 sensor built right in, so you can display the local temperature or use the PyPortal as a remote temperature logger and sensor that uploads data to our free IoT service.

AdaBox 011 Contents

Adafruit PyPortal - CircuitPython powered IoT Portal


The PyPortal uses an ATMEL (Microchip) ATSAMD51J20, and an Espressif ESP32 Wi-Fi coprocessor with TLS/SSL support built-in.

PyPortal has a 3.2″ 320 x 240 color TFT with resistive touch screen. PyPortal includes: speaker, light sensor, temperature sensor, NeoPixel, microSD card slot, 8MB flash, plug-in ports for I2C and 2 analog/digital pins.

3D files are available for custom enclosures and lanyard fastening. A number of free cases are available for 3D printing.

PyPortal is Open-source hardware, and it uses Open-Source software: both CircuitPython and Arduino. The device shows up as a USB drive and the code (Python) can be edited in any IDE, text editor, etc. The easiest code editing technique for microcontrollers.

Desktop Enclosure Kit


And now that you've made a cool internet-connected project with the Adafruit PyPortal, you will want to show it off. Instead of having it lie on a table or taped to a box, try this gracious and elegant enclosure.

Prevent inter-dimensional monsters and gremlins, or accidentally-spilled coffee from wrecking your IoT project with the PyPortal Enclosure Kit! Expertly crafted and laser-cut, this enclosure will give your PyPortal a minimalist and elegant look.

Laser cut acrylic with hardware.

Coin Wrapper


Look in your coin jar and find 50 pennies (or similar sized coins) to roll up. Then, use it as a ballast for the PyPortal enclosure to keep it steady on your desk.

If you don't have US pennies, any similar sized coin or metal disc (like a large washer) will work just fine, just stuff 'em in there!


Two Meter Long 'Blinka Style' USB Cable


USB A to micro B cable for data and power. And look at that incredibly great color! Extra long cable, so you can place your PyPortal just about anywhere!

Bonus Extra! 1 Year IO+ Pass for


Supercharge your PyPortal by connecting it to, our premiere cloud Internet of Things service for everyone. IO+ give you more feeds, more data, and more service tie-ins.

For subscribers only!

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