The possibilities are limitless for creating awesome projects using your Circuit Playground Express and coding it with CircuitPython! We've got lots of terrific projects in the Adafruit Learning System that you can check out for some inspiration. In fact, we've got a whole category for Circuit Playground Express you can browse, with many more being created all the time.

Here are a few examples to get started:

Digital Fidget Spinner (pictured above) by Tony DiCola has no moving parts! It's a fun spinner that spins NeoPixels when flicked or tapped!

Circuit Playground Hot Potato by Carter Nelson shows you how to make a fun, interactive game of hot potato!

UFO Flying Saucer by John Park uses the accelerometer tilt to control lights and sounds on a fun flying saucer.

And here are three more great projects from Carter Nelson:

Dear Diary Alarm

Slouch Detector

D6 Dice

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