You've consumed four AdaBoxes - the equivalent of a delicious, nutritious, meal of DIY electronics. And now it's time for dessert.

Pour yourself some coffee (or a nice cold glass of milk) because it is finally time for Raspberry Pi.

Kit Contents

  • Raspberry Pi Zero - This is the slimmest, most pared down Raspberry Pi to date.  It's kind of like the little cousin to the Pi 2 - with just a micro SD card slot, a mini HDMI port, two micro USB ports (one for power, one for USB), and 512MB of RAM. It has a single-core 1 GHz processor chip, similar to the Pi A+ and B+. These Pi's are limited but the Pi Foundation kindly helped us out to get one in each Adabox!
  • Adafruit Joy Bonnet - Pocket-sized fun is the name of this game, with the Joy Bonnet – our most fun Bonnet ever (no we didn't even think that was possible, either!). This Bonnet fits perfectly on top of your Raspberry Pi Zero (any kind) and gives you adorable hand-held arcade controls. Once you install our script onto your Pi, the controls will act like a keyboard, for easy use with any emulator or media player.
  • Raspberry Pi Zero Case - This is a basic, classic Pi Zero enclosure with a black base and a clear top. The case is as minimal as it gets, coming in just two pieces of polycarbonate that snap snugly together. This case will keep your Pi Zero safe and secure while also looking super sleek.
  • Mini HDMI Cable - This cable is nice and long, you can plug in one half into your Pi Zero and the other into a TV
  • Hammer Headers - courtesy of our friends at Pimoroni - Absolutely no soldering required! All that's needed is a few gentle taps with a hammer and bazinga! Your header is securely attached to your Pi Zero.
  • USB Power Supply - This power adapter has a long cord and a micro USB connector on one end. Plug it into your Pi Zero to power it. Its plenty strong! If you are not in the US, you can use a common '$1' plug adapter, the power supply can take 100V-240V 50-60Hz power and just needs a plug adapter.
  • 8GB SD Card - Lots of space! This SD card will hold the operating system (Raspbian) and video games you will play
  • USB MicroSD Card Reader - We added one of these in case you do not already (Adabox is for beginners!) You can use it to read/write data from the SD card

Bonus parts (for subscribers only!)

  • EAGLE insert - Check out the EAGLE design for the Adafruit Joy Bonnet! This is the real design, with some nifty colors, so you can get a sense of what it's like to design a PCB. Autodesk's EAGLE is a great way to start designing electronics. Makers and students can download EAGLE for free.
  • Pi Foundation swag - it wouldn't be a pi-break without some fun stuff from the Raspberry Pi foundation. They've included the latest MagPi magazine, a fun offer for MagPi subscribers, and a few stickers to show your love of all things Pi.
  • Limited Edition Collectible Pin - Joy is the super fun game controller friend you've always wanted. While most everything makes her smile, DIY gaming rigs make her grin tooth to tooth. 

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