With the help of Adabox 005 parts, John Park built this super creepy haunted portrait project.

You can make a seemingly innocuous portrait come to life using an ornately framed flat panel TV powered by a Raspberry Pi. With proper lighting, it will look just like a painting, but every so often, the portrait subject's eyes will shift their gaze ever so slighting, sending chills up the spines of your unsuspecting victims, er, friends.

You'll use a hidden Raspberry Pi Zero as the image playback device to drive the TV over HDMI. Plus, you'll have a set of controls available using the buttons and thumbstick of the Joy Bonnet so you can pause and start the show, and more!

Check out the full guide here!

This guide was first published on Sep 12, 2017. It was last updated on Mar 08, 2024.

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