ADABOX 001 is designed to introduce a new person to the joys of making with electronics. We decided to come up with a fun pack of parts that:

  • Could introduce a beginner to making
  • Does not require any additional tools or paid software
  • Teach electronics and programming skills
  • Does not assume any prior experience
  • Comes with enough fun parts that could be combined and adapted for months or years!

Kit Contents

After a lot of thinking, here's what we came up with:

Feather, USB Cable & Battery

  • 1 x Adafruit Feather 32u4 Adalogger (fully assembled with stacking headers) - This Arduino-compatible microcontroller board is a tried and true platform. There's hundreds (if not thousands!) of Arduino tutorials that you can follow once you have completed the ADABOX project tutorials. It plugs into a breadboard for storage and prototyping.
  • 1 x Micro USB Cable - use this to install new code onto your Feather (from any computer) - and to recharge the Feather's battery for portable projects!
  • 1 x Lithium Polymer Battery - this rechargeable battery can be used to make your Feather project portable. Plug it into the Feather to have it automatically charge over USB. When removed from USB power, the Feather will automatically flip over to battery power.

Prototyping tools

  • 1 x Full size Breadboard - this is your artistic canvas! It holds your Feather board securely and also lets you plug in other parts and connect them with the jumper wires for infinitely reconfigurable works-of-electronic-art
  • 20 x Short Jumper Wires & 20 x Long Jumper Wires - use these to connect parts on your breadboard. You can peel off the individual wires as you need the. You'll get 2 of each in 10 colors and 2 lengths

LEDs, Buttons and Components

  • 1 x 10mm Red & 1 x 10mm Green & 1 x 10mm Blue LEDs - use these to create lights that you can blink, pulse or mix for lovely lightshows
  • 1 x RGB LED - this is a compact version that contains red + green + blue in one 'package' for a compact colorful light
  • 3 x 12mm Push Buttons - plug these into the breadboard and wire them to your Feather to create finger-friendly inputs.
  • 5 x 10KΩ resistors (Brown Black Orange Gold stripes) - resistors help you control the flow of electricity. The 10KΩ is the workhorse of resistors, used for almost anything! We'll have this resistor for use as a sensor assistant (as a pullup or pull-down)
  • 5 x 560Ω resistors (Green Blue Brown Gold stripes) - These smaller resistors have only about 1/20th of the resistance of the 10K's but they're great for lighting up LEDs!
  • 1 x 1uF capacitor & 0.1uF capacitor - These components are used to store and smooth out small bursts of current.


  • 2 x 10K Mini Breadboard-Friendly Potentiometers - These are adjustable resistors. Use them as twistable sensors or as a way to vary a voltage or resistance.
  • 1 x CdS Photocell Light Sensor - This is a very unique kind of resistor. As you shine a light on it, the resistance value goes down. You can use this to sense light and dark.
  • 1 x Flex Sensor - This is also a kind of resistor. As you may be able to guess, when you bend the flexible part, the resistance changes. so you can use it to detect touch and motion.
  • 1 x Temperature Sensor - This sensor is a little different - it isn't a resistor type.  It's a little more complex than that, but it will generate an analog reading that can be converted to the temperature.

Buzzer & Displays

  • 1 x Piezo Buzzer - Your feather can make cute little beeps and boops with this buzzer. Good for making sounds, songs and notifications.
  • 1 x 16x2 LCD (blue and white) - Display text messages on this backlit display. You get 16 characters and two rows for showing information
  • 1 x Assembled Neopixel FeatherWing - plug it on top of your Feather for 32 full color LEDs in a 4x8 grid. Great for lighting effects with tons of colors

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