Aww yeah we saved the best for last. One of the nice things about the Feather board you have is that it comes with stackable headers. This means you can plug it into the breadboard and then stack another circuit board on top. Since the main board is called a Feather, the attachments are called FeatherWings. We have about 50 different options for 'Wings - from powerful relays that can let you turn on/off lamps and appliances to a GPS add on so your Feather can figure out where it's location is anywhere on Earth.

Specifically, this is the NeoPixel FeatherWing, a 4x8 RGB LED add on! Connect this FeatherWing on top or bottom of your Feather board and make your Feather board strut like a peacock at a rave.

You may need to put on your sunglasses before staring into these 32 configurable eye-blistering RGB LEDs. Arranged in a 4x8 matrix, each pixel is individually addressable, so you can have them all be the same color or create patterns and animations by progamming the Feather.

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