If you want to learn electronics these days, it's not enough to build a lamp or crystal radio. All the most interesting projects require "physical computing" skills. That's the ability to write code on a microcontroller using your computer (computing) and then connecting up LEDs, sensors, and displays (the physical stuff) to build a unique creation.

To make AdaBox more fun than just an everyday Arduino-based kit, we decided to include our new microcontroller board the Feather 32u4. Feather is the new development board from Adafruit, and like its namesake it is thin, light, and lets you fly! We designed Feather to be a new standard for portable microcontroller cores. It's Arduino compatible but it's breadboard-friendly, portable, and has a lot of extra goodies built in.

We even upgraded from the basic Feather 32u4 we sell to the Adafruit Feather 32u4 Adalogger. This microcontroller board is an 'all-in-one' datalogger (or data-reader) with built in USB and battery charging. Its an Adafruit Feather 32u4 with a microSD holder ready to rock!

Technical Specifications

At the Feather 32u4's heart is at ATmega32u4 clocked at 8 MHz and at 3.3V logic, a chip setup we've had tons of experience with as it's the same as the Flora. This chip has 32K of flash and 2K of RAM, with built in USB so not only does it have a USB-to-Serial program & debug capability built in with no need for an FTDI-like chip, it can also act like a mouse, keyboard, USB MIDI device, etc.

Here's some handy specs! Like all Feather 32u4's you get:

  • Measures 2.0" x 0.9" x 0.28" (51mm x 23mm x 8mm) without headers soldered in
  • Light as a (large?) feather - 5.1 grams
  • ATmega32u4 @ 8MHz with 3.3V logic/power
  • 3.3V regulator with 500mA peak current output
  • USB native support, comes with USB bootloader and serial port debugging
  • You also get tons of pins - 20 GPIO pins
  • Hardware Serial, hardware I2C, hardware SPI support
  • 8 x PWM pins
  • 10 x analog inputs
  • Built in 100mA lipoly charger with charging status indicator LED
  • Pin #13 red LED for general purpose blinking
  • Pin #8 green LED for more blinking pleasure
  • Power/enable pin
  • 4 mounting holes
  • Reset button
  • MicroSD card holder for adding as much storage as you could possibly want, for reading or writing data

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