Install NeoPixel Strip to Holder

Insert the strip in between the groves with the LEDs facing up towards the slots. 

Gently push the strip through the railing until all eight LEDs are seated into the slots.

Use tweezers to help push along the strip through the holder. The LEDs can get stuck so you'll need to slight push down to guide them along.

Installed NeoPixel Strip

Double check all eight of the LEDs are seated in place. The strip should stay in place once installed into the holder.

Install QT Py

Orient the QT Py's USB port with the edge of the bottom cover.

Install the QT Py onto the bottom cover by inserting the PCB into the PCB holders at an angle. 

Slightly bend the bottom cover to allow the front two holders to grab onto the PCB of the QT Py.

Double check all four corners of the QT Py are fitted into the holder.

Case and Bottom Cover

The strip holder is installed into the case through the center opening and held in place with a friction fit.

Orient the case with the outer opening aligned with the QT Py's USB port.

Install Holder

Place the LED strip holder into the center opening of the case with the LEDs facing down.

The case has a cut away to allow the wiring from the NeoPixel strip to pass through.

Press the LED strip holder into the case so the bottom surface is flush with the inner lip.

Installed Holder

Double check the LED strip holder is fully seated into the case.

Check the bottom cover is still oriented with the cases USB opening.

Installing Bottom Cover

Begin to place the bottom cover into the case with the USB area correctly aligned.

Firmly press the edges of the bottom cover into the case until it's fully installed.

Double check the QT Py's USB port is accessible.

Optionally install the set of rubber feet to the bottom cover.

Install Acrylic Plate Holder

Get the acrylic holder ready to install over the strip holder.

The acrylic holder is symmetrical, so orientation can be either direction.

Place the acrylic holder over the strip holder and firmly press it into the cavity.

Install Acrylic

Press fit the acrylic pieces into the slots of the acrylic holder.

If the pieces feel loose, add clear tape to the tabs of the acrylic pieces to tight up the tolerance.

Final Build

Congratulations! Your NeoPixel Acrylic Lamp is ready to power up!

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