The easiest place to start looking is the Downloads page of the associated Learn guide for the product. This page is typically near the end of the guide. Look for something that references "EagleCAD PCB file" or similar.

Here's an example download using the Circuit Playground Express guide. GitHub is not really meant for hosting files for individual download. Each repository is intended to be treated in its entirety. So be careful to download the files as shown here. Otherwise you might end up with something unexpected.

Do NOT right click, "Save link as..." in your browser. That will not download the actual file.

From the guide Downloads page, find and click on the link to the Eagle CAD PCB files.

This will take you to the Github repository. Click on the Code button.

Then click on Download ZIP and save to your PC somewhere.

This zip file will contain the schematic (.sch) and board (.brd) files for the PCB. Extract both of these and save them to the same location.

Cloning (optional)

If you are familiar with git, then you can also just clone the repo.

git clone

We won't cover installing and using git here though. We'll assume if you want to go this route you know what to do.

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