Launch Ableton Live clips with the MacroPad RP2040! Mechanical keyswitch clip launching is now a reality. Sync NeoPixel LEDs with your Live session via USB MIDI.

All coded in CircuitPython and customizable to suit your needs. It's the tiny little Launchpad or Push you've always dreamed of!

The basic code concept can be adapted to Pure Data with r_cycle or Max/MSP.

Sync with MIDI

One of the coolest things about this project is how you can keep the MacroPad and Ableton in sync so that any clip launched in the software UI will light up the related keyswitch LED. This is accomplished with bi-directional MIDI messages.

For example, when Ableton launches a clip, it sends a MIDI message to the MacroPad to say "hey, turn the LED green, this clip is running!" It doesn't matter if the clip was launched with the hardware or software, Ableton takes care of all the LED MIDI message logic. In fact, it even encodes the LED color in the MIDI message. Clever!


Video of a hand playing with a rainbow-glowing keypad.
Strap yourself in, we're launching in T-minus 10 seconds...Destination? A new Class M planet called MACROPAD! M here stands for Microcontroller because this 3x4 keyboard controller...
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Angled shot of MacroPad
Strap yourself in, we're launching in T-minus 10 seconds...Destination? A new Class M planet called MACROPAD! M here, stands for Microcontroller because this 3x4 keyboard...
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Top view of MacroPad add on pack
Dress up your Adafruit Macropad with PaintYourDragon's fabulous decorative silkscreen enclosure and hardware kit. You get the two custom PCBs that are cut to act as a protective...
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Top shot of 12 pack Red Kailh Mechanical Key Switches
For crafting your very own custom keyboard, these Kailh Red Linear mechanical key switches are deeee-luxe! With smooth actuation and Cherry MX compatibility,...
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Group shot of Clear DSA Keycaps for MX Compatible Switches - 12 pack
Here is a 12 pack of Clear DSA keycaps for your next mechanical keyboard or 
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12 x Black Windowed Lamp R4 Keycap
for MX Compatible Switches
Angled shot of coiled pink and purple USB cable with USB A and USB C connectors.
This cable is not only super-fashionable, with a woven pink and purple Blinka-like pattern, it's also made for USB C for our modernized breakout boards, Feathers, and...
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Optional for use with 3D Printed Case

Angled shot of two black aluminum bumper feet.
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