The two soundboards that are available for this project:

  • E is for Electronics - narrated in a US female voice
  • Animal ABCs - narrated in a US male voice

The code is set for "E is for Electronics" but a small change noted on the previous page will switch the board to the Animals ABC soundboard.

We suggest providing the soundboard and the book together so someone may follow the pages with the corresponding sounds. A set of crayons or pencils may be used to color the book while using the soundboard.

E is for Electronics

You can buy this coloring book from Adafruit here or download a PDF copy here. If you'd like to see a Youtube video talking in general about the book, it is available here.

This book goes through the alphabet via electronics figures and items. The pictures are in black & white so they may be colored as an activity. For a video demonstration, see below:

Animal ABCs

The second soundboard is Animal ABCs. The board is based on the book The ABC book by C.B. Falls, published in 1923. The book is out of copyright and is available from the Internet Archive via this page as a black and white PDF file.

This book goes through the alphabet noting different animals whose name matches the letter of the alphabet. This PDF is also black and white for coloring.


We suggest you have a printed copy of one of the books and provide it to one or more people along with the corresponding soundboard. 

Following the book and listening to the sounds makes for a great pairing.

The addition of coloring provides additional activities. Have fun with this project!

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