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If you would like a different set of phrases, this is possible with a bit of work.

You have twenty six files labelled A to Z and 6 keys after that numbered 01 to 06 for a total of 32 keys.

How to Make New Sound Files

The following guide page goes over recording speech files:

Make It Talk - Generating Voice Sound Clips

You can also make sound files for a general soundboard. The Adafruit Learning System has tutorials for several NeoTrellis M4 Express soundboards.

The sound files you record or find on the Internet must most likely be converted to a format easier for the NeoTrellis microcontroller to use. The format is WAV files, PCM 16-bit, a maximum of 22,050 Hz and mono (one channel). To convert sound files for use, we suggest following this Adafruit tutorial:

Microcontroller Compatible Audio File Conversion

If you make your own files, you should check to see which subdirectory to use. You can use the existing /animals or /electronics subdirectories. Or you can make your own subdirectory and change the value of SAMPLE_FOLDER in the code to your chosen subdirectory. Be sure there is a forward slash ("/") in front of and at the end of the filename, for example SAMPLE_FOLDER = "/myfolder/".

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