Using this library that implements a REST API for Arduino & the CC3000 WiFi chip, we saw that we can easily create web-based apps while having a standard way of communicating with your Arduino board. And this means that you don't have to reinvent the wheel at every new project you create using the CC3000 chip and Arduino.

Of course, you can build more complex applications that the simple app we saw in the previous section. You can use the functions to readout values from variables that are stored on the Arduino board, to get & display measurements coming from sensors. Or create your own functions that you then expose to the REST API, for example to control mobile robots.

In the future, the goal is really to build a universal REST API for Arduino. This library will be extended to other systems than just the CC3000 chip, for example to serial communications. This way, you can have hybrid systems composed of many different wireless hardware like XBee, WiFi or Bluetooth, all communicating transparently with a central interface, using the same REST commands.

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