Next, we'll install msysGit, which is a distribution of the git version control system. Git isn't strictly necessary for working with Vagrant, but it provides a version of the Bash shell, SSH, and other tools we'll find helpful.  Later on, if you have Git installed, you can use it to keep up to date with things like the Kernel-o-Matic.

If you already have msysGit or the Cygwin tools installed, you can likely skip this step.

Again, visit the msysGit site and look for a "Download" button.

Run the installer. Windows will likely ask you several times if you'd like to allow the installer to run and modify your system.

For most options, the defaults should be acceptable. You may want to select "Use Git from the Windows Command Prompt", but it shouldn't make any real difference for our purposes.

For convenience, you might want to choose "In the Quick Launch" and "On the Desktop" under "Additional icons".

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