The Bright Board has a handy on/off switch on the board. When switched on, the screen should show some brief boot information before displaying the first picture on screen and making the DotStar LEDs light up.

LED Ring Display

The DotStars cycle through three colors selected in the code. Up to five may be selected to look best:

# colors available are RED, YELLOW, ORANGE, GREEN, TEAL
# AQUA, JADE, AMBER, VIOLET, SKY - pick any color set!
# 3 to 5 colors looks best...
palette = [clue.PINK, clue.GOLD, clue.JADE]

You may use Mu or a text editor to change the colors you like. The pictures you select and the color of the bag may guide your choice as to colors.

The colors will cycle through those chosen. Kind of an "Ambilight" type effect but the lights are not dependent on the picture chosen.

Picture Slideshow

The code will display the first bitmap it sees in the root directory of the CIRCUITPY drive. You may have as many pictures as you like, up to the capacity of the CIRCUITPY drive. All pictures should be 240 x 240 pixels square and saved in bitmap (BMP) format with a .bmp file extension.

The three sample bitmap files are in the GitHub repo and if you selected Download: Project Zip on the code page, the three files are in the zip file (or get them in the link in the line above).

To change the displayed image, you use the CLUE A and B buttons: B on the right side of the display advances to the next image, A on the left of the display goes back to the previous image. The buttons are not visible on the outside of the purse, but are easily pressed through the material. Only you will know the magic.


The Bright Board has a convenient slide switch on it for power (circled in blue below). To turn on the lights, slide the switch on and turn it off to conserve power. If you decide to remove your CLUE board from the Bright Wearables board, please be sure to turn the power off to protect the electronics.


Enjoy your colorful wearable!

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