Wires for Micro Switch

We'll need two pieces of wires to connect the micro switch to the Adafruit Trinket M0. These can be about 10 cm in length. I'm using 30AWG silicone covered wires in this project.

Wire Strippers

In order to connect the wires to the electrical leads and pins on the components, we'll need to strip the ends to expose the bare metal wire. Use wire strippers to remove a bit of insulation from the tips.

Tinning Wires

To prevent the strands of wires from fraying when soldering, we can add a small amount of solder to fuse them. I'm used third helping hands tools to hold the wires in place which makes soldering more conformable.

Tinning Micro Switch

We can do the same process for the leads on the micro switch. Since we'll only be using two of the leads, we only need to tin the NO3(Normally Open) and C1(Common) labeled leads.

Wiring Micro Switch

Now we can attach the wires from the Trinket M0 to the micro switch by heating up the leads and placing the wires  down onto them. I used a Panavise Jr to hold the micro switch steady while soldering.

Wired Micro Switch

Now we have a wired micro switch, nice work! Double check your solder joints and make sure the wires a fully connected and for any shorts.

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