Hardware for Micro Switch

First up we'll need to get that micro switch secured to the mounting bracket. We have two long screws that will be inserted through the body of the switch and into the holes of the mounting bracket.

Secure Micro Switch to Bracket

Grab the two parts and line up the holes so ones on the micro switch are matching with the bracket. The actuator of the switch should face away from the 'L' shape of the bracket.

Micro Switch Bracket

Here's a better view of the orientation. Note how the C1(common) lead is parallel with surface of the 'L' bracket . 

Installing Bracket

Next we'll work on mounting the bracket to the base part. We'll need two short M2.5 machine screws to secure the parts together.

Installed Bracket

Place the bracket over the center of the base with the micro switch facing away from the circular post. Line up the mounting holes and insert machine screws. Fasten the screws until they're fully tightened with the two parts jointed and flush.

Tap Mounting Holes

We'll need to secure the Trinket M0 to the base with machine screws. It's easier if the screws are pre-fastened into the Trinket first. You may need to tap the mounting holes with the screws.

Secure Trinket M0

Place the Trinket M0 over the four standoffs on the base with the USB port facing the cut opening. Line up the holes on and fasten the machine secures until fully tightened.

Install Top Cover

All that's left todo now is to install the top cover. Grab the parts and line up the hinges with each other, you'll notice the top has extrusion while the base has dimpled features. Firmly press the parts together until the hinges click into place. They should join together nicely. 

USB Port

Squeeze the top and base together to test out the micro switch. The hinges should be frictionless. The USB port is accessible through the open and the top accommodates for microUSB cables.

This guide was first published on Mar 21, 2018. It was last updated on Nov 29, 2023.

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