I used a sturdy cardboard box for this, but you can also use or make a small wood box!

  1. Separate the pushbutton pieces! (above photo)
  • Twist and pull out the pushbutton's electrical piece.
  • Unscrew the white plastic bolt from the pushbutton base.
  • Keep the large black circular support in-place (unless you want to add a support material like the acrylic on mine).

2. Find the center of the box and mark an "X" that is 1" by 1" (2cm x 2cm).


3. Using the mark as a guide, cut out a circle with a 1" diameter.

4. Push the pushbutton center through the hole in the box.

5. Screw back on the white plastic bolt and twist the electrical piece back into place.

6. Secure the wires with tape and attach the CPX to the front of the box for easy access!

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