And that's it! Go forth and make muting/unmuting yourself easier and faster! Be sure to test out the button with friends and family before deploying it in a super important meeting :)

Going Further

  1. This is simple prototype designed to help you get a mute button up and running as fast as possible. Want a more permanent solution? Awesome! Here are some tips:
    • Replace the CPX with a smaller and more robust M0 board, like the ItsyBitsy M0 Express.
    • Note: You will need to change the wiring and add a resistor. Here's a helpful overview.
    • Solder wires between the pushbutton and microcontroller, and/or coat in hot glue or epoxy.
    • Build an enclosure for the pushbutton and microcontroller, or adhere to the side of your desk.
  2. Use the Microsoft Teams API mute call to write a more complex program that can mute/unmute Teams even if you aren't actively using it!

Happy Making!

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