The PyRuler is a little thin to sit nicely on your desk, so I designed a small 3D-printable enclosure for it. This isn't necessary for the project to function, but it makes it a bit nicer to use.

The enclosure is printed in two separate parts that need to be glued together. I recommend cyanoacrylate glue (super glue).

PyRuler_Base.stl is the base of the ruler with the labels and a groove for the cover.

PyRuler_Cover.stl sits in the groove on the base and holds the PyRuler in place.

The cover must be printed with supports. These should be easy to remove, but be sure to remove them thoroughly, or the ruler won't slide in easily. The base doesn't require any support. I recommend a layer height of .2mm, and it's a quick print (~2 hours).

The base can be printed in two different colors by splitting the layers at 2.2mm of height and changing the filament to a contrasting color.

You can of course also print in a single color and use a marker or paint to color in the lettering.

A non-labeled version of the base is also available, in case you'd prefer to make your own, or customize it!


Assembling the enclosure is easy, it's just two parts that need to be glued together.

Apply a very thin bead of the cyanoacrylate glue to the 'groove' on the base - a little goes a long way!

The cover should fit into this groove easily, but shouldn't move around much if at all.

Press from the left and hold the ends open while the glue sets.

Press the cover firmly into place, and apply pressure to the right side, while also holding the open ends on the left side open. This ensures that the ruler will slide in easily, but won't move around inside the enclosure.

This glue sets very quickly, so you should only have to hold this for 30 seconds or so.

Then you simply slide the PyRuler all the way into the enclosure, where it will be held in place by two little bumps on the base.

If you ever need to take the ruler out, you may need to use a hobby knife to shave off the bumps to slide it out.

That's it! Plug it in, and now you're ready in case you PANIC!

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