To make your wristband even more awesome, decorate it with additional shapes cut out of felt. Create a cool design that draws attention to your lights!

Flat LEDs like those on the Circuit Stickers and the Adafruit LED Sequins look really good when you diffuse the light by covering them with a light-colored piece of felt.


To cover a flat LED, take an adhesive dot (the kind used in scrapbooking) and press it right over the LED. Then press a felt shape onto the adhesive.


You can also add decorative felt pieces to a standard LED. Just cut a small hole in the center of the felt piece and slip it right over the LED bulb. If the bulb is tall enough, you can layer two or more felt shapes over it.

Troubleshooting and Maintenance

Here are some tips for wearing your wristband:

  • If the LEDs don't light, make sure the lights and the battery are making good connections with the conductive fabric tape traces.
  • If you accidentally put the LEDs wrong side up, just flip the battery over in the holder. (But remember none of the LEDs will light up unless they are all facing the same way!)
  • You may find it easier to close the wristband first and then slip it over your hand. Tighten the tabs again after you put it on to make sure the traces are still touching the battery.
  • Open the wristband to turn off the lights when you are not wearing it. Leaving the LEDs on overnight may drain the battery.
  • When you need to replace the battery, just prepare a new battery as described on the Add the Battery page. Peel the old battery off the Z-axis tape and attach the new battery the same way.

Now wear your wristband with pride. It's proof you know how to make an electrical circuit!

This guide was first published on Nov 13, 2018. It was last updated on Mar 08, 2024.

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