For the Mini Box, you'll be making a parallel circuit with Chibitronics Circuit Stickers, conductive copper tape, and a 3-volt coin battery. The press-on LEDs make this project a snap! I chose to use seven red LEDs, but you can mix and match as you please (up to the limits of the battery).

Prepare the Box

You need to make an opening at the point of the heart to bring the circuit to the outside. If there's tape holding it together, you may be able to unpeel it and use it to hold the battery. If you can't, just slit the point open.

Prepare the Copper Tape

Unroll enough copper tape to fit around the entire inside of the box, plus about 3 inches. Cut the tape down the middle to make two thinner strips.

You will attach these to the inside of the box to make a circuit that carries electricity from the battery to the LEDs.

Attach the Tape

Starting a tiny bit away from the open point of the heart, attach one piece of tape to inside of the box, close to the window film. Go all the way around, smoothing as you go.

At the other side of the open point, bring the remaining tape around to the outside of the box. Make sure the tape is firmly attached all the way around.

Then starting a little bit from the edge where you just ended, take the second piece of tape and go around in the opposite direction, about 1/4 inch above the first piece. Again, bring the end of the tape out the opening at the point.

This time, keep going right onto the tape you unpeeled from the point of the box. Or, if needed, make a new flap from a piece of clear or decorative tape. 

Attach the Circuit Stickers

Decide where you want to put your Circuit Stickers. Then attach them, pointy (negative) side up, to the copper tape lines. Make sure the ends of the stickers are touching the lines of tape underneath. Press firmly to make a good electrical connection.

Attach the Battery

If the unpeeled tape at the point of the heart is still sticky, press the battery right onto it so the negative side is touching the copper tape. The positive (+) side of the battery should be facing out. If needed, hold the battery on with clear or decorative tape. Make sure to leave the battery uncovered where it is supposed to touch the copper tape.

Press the battery against the outside of the box, so that the positive side is touching the other copper tape. The LEDs should light up! If not, check that all the components are making a good connection to the circuit.

When everything's working, use clear tape to hold the battery in place. Cut a thin strip of cardstock and slide it underneath the battery when you want to turn the lights off.

Finish the Lid

Make Supports for the Inner Mirror

Cut some small rectangles from scrap cardboard, a little higher than the Circuit Stickers. Use the glue stick to attach them right over the copper tape, between the LEDs. Let dry.

Insert the Inner Mirror

Rest the inner mirror on top of the supports. Use small pieces of clear or decorative tape around the edge of the lid to hold the mirror in place.

Turn the LEDs on and flip the lid over to see the infinity mirror in action! If the image is distorted, make sure the window film and the inner mirror are flat and as smooth as possible.

The lid should still fit over the candy in the bottom of the box -- although it will sit a little higher than before you squeezed an infinite number of lights into it.

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