Unlike the Mini Box, the electronics for the Animated Box fills almost the entire lid. So you'll need to build a connector that covers the electronics nicely and gives the lid enough extra height to fit over the candy. I used shiny red cardboard that matched the box.

Build the Lid Connector

Cut out another heart that fits snugly inside the box. Then cut two strips long enough to reach halfway around the box. They should be wide enough to cover the sides when the lid (with the electronics inside) is on the box.

Tape the two long strips together. You need to shape them to fit around the box (the part with the candy in it). With the taped ends inside the indent at the top of the heart, bend the cardboard strips around the outside of the box. Trim where they meet at the point and tape those ends together.

Insert the cardboard heart into the new sides, about halfway down, with the "wrong" side facing out. Use small pieces of tape around the entire heart to connect it to the new sides.

Flip the lid connector over so the "right" side is facing up. Place it over the lid. Find the battery pack on/off switch by pressing down on the cardboard. Cut a small opening for the switch.

Last Touches

Hold the lid and the connector together as you flip them over and slide them over the bottom of the box.

Add any finishing touches your box needs. I cut out a smaller heart to cover the tab I made to hide the ends of the NeoPixel strip.

You're done! Enjoy the infinite light-up chocolate pleasures you've created, or share them with your favorite Valentine.

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