This 7 inch display has a built-in battery and works with any HDMI device.


3D Printer Host control


While Octoprint running on a Raspberry Pi works excellent, occasionally we'll need to maintenance printer by updating the firmware. This when we need a full blown windows pc for uploading the files. 


So we built this project to easily control some of the printers we use.


We like this because it's actually a lot smaller to bring this over to a printer then it is to bring over a MacBook Air. So much smaller that we can fit the display right inside the printer and configure printers that can only use windows software.   


This design is an update to our previous 7 inch design. This time around we made the build easier to assemble by using snap fit nubs to hold the lid onto the case instead of screws. 

Attach a PC or Raspberry PI


Mounts are easy to add in the model or just make threads right on to the lid to attach your favorite tiny computer!


Rechargeable circuit


We used a PowerBoost 1000c to easily power the circuit, so its easy to recharge it from the USB port on the side. 


Tripod compatible 


We even included geometry on the case for adding a tripod compatible screw to make it easy to mount the entire enclosure to a tripod. The tripod screw fits flush against the enclosure so it can stand upright on its side when the tripod isn't needed. 


Interchangeable HDMI Connectors


We used these small interchangeable DIY HDMI Cable Parts - Right Angle (R bend) HDMI Plug Adapter connectors. They feature a latching mechanism to connect to flat flexible ribbon cables.


The connectors are available in different angle configurations, so it's easy to mix and match them based on the type of project. Think of them like lego for HDMI connections! 

Prerequisite Guides


We have all the lovely components and tools to build this project. Be sure to check out the featured products on the right sidebar.

Tools & Supplies

You'll also need a couple of hand tools and accessories to assist you in the build. 

Right Angle (R bend) HDMI Plug Adapter
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