In this project, you'll build a MIDI controller that uses 16 rotary encoders soldered to quad rotary encoder breakouts that communicate over I2C. Usually this would mean continuously polling the I2C port to check for any changes in status, which can result in a slow response time. However, this CircuitPython code uses asyncio and the interrupt pins on the breakouts to make the response nice and speedy for sending your MIDI control change messages.

This MIDI controller is designed to send MIDI control change (CC) messages to other MIDI hardware, such as guitar pedals or hardware synthesizers. You can dial in the value that you want to send with the encoder and then press the switch on the encoder to send the CC message.

A small OLED display shows the CC value and message number queued up to send. When a message is sent, you'll see "Sent!" text appear in the bottom right-hand corner.

As you turn the rotary encoders, the NeoPixels underneath the encoder will cycle through the colors of the rainbow. The onboard NeoPixel on the Feather RP2040 will also advance through the colors. This is able to happen without blocking any of the MIDI functionality thanks to asyncio.

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