Custom Keycaps

In this project we're 3D printing custom keycaps for mechical keyboards. This is a mechanical keyboard with cherry mx switches. It features a customizable layout and LED backlighting. It comes with extra keys which is really nice, but there's a lot of cool stuff you could do by 3D printing your own!

Easy to install

These keycaps are held by a connector piece in the center of the key (stem) and it just easily snaps on. Perfect for customizing keys to match your typing style. You can even use any of our metal filaments like copper or bronze for creating a steam punk keyboard!


Raised letters makes for a great accessibilty project or even add hot key icons for your favorite apps!

Project Expectations

This project is geared towards makers who have basic 3D printing skills and access to a 3D printer. The 3D parts were designed for small build platforms. Printing these parts can take up to 1 hour and about 2 grams of material.


Below is a full list of parts needed to build this project. Be sure to check out the featured products on the right sidebar.

Tools & Supplies

You'll need a couple of hand tools and accessories to assist you in the build. 

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