Ninjaflex VS SemiFlex

The Original NinjaFlex


Are you tired of braking parts made with ABS and PLA? Ninja flex from fenner drives is a thermoplastic elastomer based material with awesome rubbery properties.

Wearables, LED Diffusers

It's great for wearable projects like our FLORA wrist band and makes great sewable diffusers for our NeoPixel LEDs like on our Chemileon Scarf.

Looking for a way to soften the super bright glow of a NeoPixel? Ninjaflex works great as a diffuser. We made round domes and spiky caps that nicely fit over our sewable NeoPixels.

During the holiday break, we made a hallow snowman and a pumpkin to test how well the material handles geometry. Not only did the parts retrain surface detail and shape, they lit up quite nicely. We’re definitely working on incorporating this material in more wearable projects!

Bumpers, Stoppers, Insulation

Perfect for protecting objects against impact, you can make custom stoppers, gaskets for sealing junctions, insulation between two surfaces or even add non slip feet for projects.
Stretching our iPhone Bumper design, you can see just how elastic this material is. Using our bare hands, we couldn’t quite rip it apart. With enough thickness, you can design some really tuff stuff!

Grips, Buttons, Buoyancy

Customize a comfortable handle for all uses. Great for replacing missing rubber buttons or even small tires. Keep that camera afloat and eliminate sinking, Ninjaflex floats!
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