This plate is a 3.5mm thick double layered fiberglass laminate sandwiched into an acrylic substrate. PRINTinZ plate is designed to be attached to your build platform.

The plate is very strong and is far less likely to break than glass. We doubt you could bend it far enough with your bare hands to crack it, but we recommend only bending it enough to aid in removal of your print.


You can machine the surface to fit a custom build plate.

You can saw the plate to a smaller size. A band saw is recommended for this. You can also drill holes if necessary using standard practices for acrylic, such as tapered drill bits. Rough edges of the fiberglass laminate skin can be very sharp - please take precautions.

Surface texture

The surface texture is very similar to blue painters tape. You can sand it completely smooth, but you may not find this having much affect on adhesion. Again, filaments vary and your results may differ. We have found that setting the correct nozzle height is a more important factor in the bond strength of the first layer to the plate. You want the first layer to be pushed into the texture of the plate, so set your zero close to the plate.

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