3D Printed Goggle Enclosure

This 4 piece design houses the components and keeps them secured with machine screws. The Arduino Micro and 9 DOF are mounted to the back frame with 4 screws. 2 aspheric lenses are mounted inside the frame panel. The lens frame is secured in place by the two rails on each side, inside of the hood. The 5.6 Display is mounted to the back frame that is secured to the enclosure with another set of machine screws. A total of 16 screws makes this pretty solid and durable video goggles.

Slicer Settings

We recommend using the slice settings below. For really great quality prints, we recommend using PLA over ABS.



PLA @ 230
90/120 mm travel / feed
.2 layer height

NinjaFlex @235
Z height change at 30mm

1.5 - 3 hours

7 hours


The outer hood is printed in PLA and NinjaFlex, fusing two different materials making a rigid frame with a flexible hood.
You don't need dual heads, just set the Z layer height to stop at 30mm and switch the filament to NinjaFlex.

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