Install Cover

The 3D printed cover can be installed on top of the truck riser. This will protect the electronics and reduce stress from the trucks. It has an inner lip that slides into the walls of the truck riser. Press the cover until it's fully flush with the part.

Install Truck Riser

Now we're ready to install the NeoPixel Truck Riser! Place the truck riser with the cover facing the bottom of the board. Orient the part so the mounting holes all line up. Place the skate truck over the 3D printed riser and line up the mounting holes. Insert and drive four #10-32 x 2" long machine screws through the board, riser and trucks. Insert a #10 hex lock nut into each screw and fasten until fully tightened. You can use a screwdriver to hold the screw in place while turning a socket wrench to tightened the hex nut. 

NeoPixel Truck Riser

And now we have our final assembly complete. Now we're ready for a test drive! When the battery gets low, you can plug in a USB cable to the microUSB port on the Adafruit Feather and recharge.

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