Secure Components

Now that we've wired and tested our circuit, it's time to mount everything to the 3D printed truck riser pad. Get your screwdriver and hardware together! Take a moment to see where all the components will go and see if our wires are long enough to fit everything in place. 

Install NeoPixel Stick

The NeoPixel stick will be mounted vertically on the two mounting holes located near the front side of the truck riser. Insert and place the NeoPixel stick PCB on top of the mount and line up the holes. 

Installing NeoPixel Wires

The three wires connected to the NeoPixel PCB will need to be positioned underneath the right mounting hole. Use your fingers to push the wires below so the PCB can be mounted flush with the mounting holes. Route the wires so they go in between the opening.

Mount NeoPixel

With the NeoPixel stick held in place, drive an M2.5-10mm machine screw through one of the mounting holes. Use a screwdriver to fasten the screw until the protudes the other side. Then, place an M2.5 hex nut into the screw. Fasten until fully tightened. Repeat this process for the second mounting hole.

Mount Adafruit Feather

Position the Adafruit Feather PCB over the four standoffs. Orient the board so the microUSB port is facing the side of the truck riser with a cut out. Line up the mounting holes with the holes in the stands offs. Insert and fasten M2.5-5mm machine screws from the top of the board and drive through the mounting holes until secured in place. Repeat process for all four mounting holes.

Mount Battery

Next we'll secure the 500mAh lipo battery to the truck riser pad. In the center, next to the Adafruit Feather, are walls that will hold the battery in place. I suggest adding pieces of mounting tack in between the battery and the truck riser. This will help minimize the vibrations and keep the battery attached to the surface of the part.

Mount Switch

Now it's time to mount the slide switch. Near the side of the Adafruit Feather are three smaller walls, these will keep the slide switch held in place. You'll need to insert the slide switch at an angle in order to pop it into place. If the switch doesn't have a tight fit, you'll need to use hot glue or E6000 adhesive to permanently secure it in place.

Mounted Components

And now we have all of the electronics secured in place! All we have to do now is install the truck riser in between the deck and the trucks. w00t!

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