We recently converted to fully electric vehicles and now we have new charging cables to deal with.


In this project we’ll show you how we designed and 3d printed a mount for our Tesla charging adapter.


We didn’t want to drill any holes into the wall so we designed it to clip onto our shelves. It also doubles as a cable organizer!

The curve along the neck of the hanger allows the cable rest on. The hook on the back clips onto the flat side of the shelving, which also acts a clamp so it’s secured in place.

This works quite well and we’re pretty happy since we don’t have to leave our charger on the floor. We think this was a great exercise in practical 3D printing and hope this inspires you to create solutions around your work space!

We shared our design as a free to download so other folks can make their own. The source is also available so anyone can remix and modify!

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