Attaching holder


To attach the holder, position it at an angle and then apply a small amount of force the upper part of the clip. The clip portion of the model will click and then securely attach to the side of the shelf.  



When holstered, the top edge actually supports the plug connector and keeps it from slipping out. It’s easy to remove thanks to the clearance around the connector.


There’s also a curve along the neck of the hanger to allow the cable rest on. The hook on the back clips onto the flat side of the shelving which also acts a clamp so it’s secured in place.

Cable holder


We also design two sizes of standalone clips to hold additional extension cables. 


These are useful for thicker cables to help organize the attached power-brick on the charging cable.



And that's it! This works quite well and we’re pretty happy since we don’t have to leave our charger on the floor. We think this was a great exercise in practical 3D printing and hope this inspires you!

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