Be careful not to lose the nut that holds the monitor to the base. We will reuse it to to hold the monitor on to the 3d printed base.
We'll need to replace the two screws near the top of the control triggers to accommodate the thickness of the clips. Two 4 3/4 screws should work great for securing the clips and holding the base in place.
Use two 4 3/4 screws to assemble the clips and base together.
Drill the screws into the clips first, then into the the base.
Snap the controller into the completed mount by sliding the bottom in first and then snapping the top on.
Tighten the screws to secure the clips to the bottom of the controller.

That's it! Plug a 6' (or longer) HDMI cable into the HDMI port and into your console - we suggest a thin-style one instead of a bulky one so that it doesn't weigh down the right side of the screen. Power the screen with 9V or 12VDC and you are ready to rock

The HDMI screen doesn't do audio decoding, so if you need audio, connect up headphones to the A/V port on the back of your console or use a controller-wired or wireless headset.

Enjoy, and post up your awesome 3D-printed gaming mods to our Google+ community

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