How To Cling Strips 

First, you'll want to clean both surfaces using either glass cleaning solutions or alcohol. Make sure to press evenly across the strip to ensure suction is evenly distributed across the entire strip.

One of the the coolest things about this project is how we are able to use material properties to create objects that can stick without the use of any adhesives. You can 3d print any shape or even cut the strips to fit.

NinjaFlex is soft enough that we can actually cut and sew it to clothes like hats or even shoes!

How Much Weight Can It Hold?

We tested the strips and square sheets to see how much weight they can hold. We were able to fit about 38 bricks per strip. The largest building we were able to hold were 30 grams and 7 inches tall (about 27 bricks). It's important to consider weight distribution, so that your LEGO bricks don't cause the strip to peel off the glass surface. Try to evenly distribute the weight of the bricks so they stay on the glass surface. And remember, gravity is working against them :-)

We were even able to stick the strips to the edge of the screen on our iMac! A pretty cool idea is to use a minifig to hold a USB charging cable, they fit nicely in the little claw.



After a while we'll need to clean the our surfaces from any oils that will build up. We used window cleaner for glass surfaces and rubbing alcohol for the bottom of the strips.

More Project Ideas!

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