Grab your M3 screw, nut, and paper washer.

Remember, slow and steady wins the race - using the force may cause the PLA to crack.
Add the paper washer between... to smooth bridge adjustment.
Add the nut on the back.
Put a glop of super glue or epoxy on the treads of the screw, over the nut, and onto the plastic. We need to make sure that the bridge won't go loosey goosey over time.
To help secure the screw and nut to each other, you can back the screw out a bit to get the glue to wick down into the nut... then tighten.

Make sure to let the glue dry fully before the next step.
Grab your grits and acquire a flat surface - sand both caps.
Make it smooth... and make it flat.
Just a dab of super glue will do on the caps.
Cover the screw with the cap.
And the other side.
The caps are optional, but I like the look of the bridge with the screw / nut covered.

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