This diagram uses the Gemma v2 but you can also use the Gemma M0 with the exact same wiring configuration.

GEMMA + 2x NeoPixel 12 Ring

In this circuit diagram, two 12 NeoPixel Rings are wired to the GEMMA. The first NeoPixel Ring has the IN pin wired to the D0 pin on the GEMMA. The second NeoPixel ring IN pin is chained to the first NeoPixel ring OUT. Both rings will share PWR and GND pins.
This diagram uses the Trinket Mini but you can also use the Trinket M0 with the exact same wiring configuration.

TRINKET + NeoPixel Strip

In this circuit diagram, you will need to solder a JST female connector to the bottom of the Trinket where the postive+ and negative- terminals are exposed.

The NeoPixel Strip IN pin is wired to D0 on Trinket. +5V pin on NeoPixel Strip is wired to 3V/5V pin on Trinket. The GND pin on the strip is wired to GND pin on Trinket.

Note that the pin orders may be different than the diagram, so check the strip markings!!!

Slide Switch Adapter

Shorten a JST extension cable to about 10mm long by cutting the positive and negative cables with wire cutters. Use wire stripers to strip the ends of the positive and negative wires. Apply a bit of rosin to the stripped ends and tin the tips of the wires. Add a piece of shrink tubing to the negative wire and solder them together by holding them in place with a third-helping-hand.

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