Print the Files

Download all of the pieces from Thingiverse and the Diffuser and Lid. Make sure to print all of these pieces.
  1. Buckle Base
  2. Buckle Cover
  3. Base Bottom
  4. Base Latch
  5. Buckle Lid
  6. Diffuser (Transparent PLA)
Each part should be printed using 20% infill to reduce any breakage issues. Set the shell count to "2" so the parts are durable. Try printing each piece separately to achieve the best quality.

You will need to print the diffuser block in transparent PLA filament. The diffuser block can be difficult to remove from your build plate, so try using blue painters tape

The base latch and buckle cover need to be printed with support material. These pieces have pins that stick out that will snap into the bottom and base. You do not need to print with a raft.

The entire print job should take about 2-3 hours.

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