Each NeoPixel can snap directly onto the PLA diffuser. You should measure out the length of wire needed to connect the three NeoPixels into a strand.

To make a strand of NeoPixels, you will need to connect each pin together as shown. On the Gemma, use pin D1 to connect to the arrow marked pins on the NeoPixels. Negative connections will be need to be connected to the Gemma ground pin, and positive connections can be wired to the v-out pin.

Once you have your wires measured, cut and stripped, wire them together to test the circut. Test your connections before soldering all of the connections to Gemma by connecting the small LiPo battery to the power port. Use pieces of paper tape to hold the strand of NeoPixels onto the diffuser. The Gemma should have enough wire to fold over the strand of NeoPixels, as shown in the photo below.
The diffuser and all of the components easily fit inside the cavity of the buckle cover. With full circuit powered on, snap the lid onto to the back of the buckle cover. Now snap in the buckle cover onto the base. The buckle should fit up to 42mm wide canvas belts. The teeth on the latch and buckle cover tightly grip onto the canvas and securely fit onto your waist.
To snap the cover on to the base, slightly pull back one of the sides and pop each nub into place.

Now your stylin' with your own 3D printed LED Belt Buckle!

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