BMO's box enclosure, cover and limbs looks best printed in teal. A spool of teal colored ABS ranges from $30-50 depending on where you purchase it.

Below is a small list of places to get filament. Make sure your filaments diameter size matches your 3d printer. Most common size is 1.75mm and 3mm.

You can print BMO's buttons in different colored ABS or paint each piece. The buttons are rather small, so you will need to make sure your build plate is clean and nicely leveled. These parts are a bit difficult to print so make a few copies to make a batch of each. You can do this in MakerWare by copying and pasting them.

The tolerances in the holes are optimized for ABS but should work with PLA. You can use an x-acto knife in moderation to lose the tolerances to fit the components.

ABS 230c/120c
No Raft/Support
%15 infill
2 shells
0.2 layer height
Takes around 2-3 hours to print all 10 pieces.

Painting BMO

If you 3D Print the buttons in different colored ABS, you only have to print BMO's letters on the sides.

Use a fine brush and even out the bristles by trimming them with sharp scissors.

Black acrylic paint works best on ABS prints. Apply small portions of paint and spread it on the surface of the raised letters on each side. Lightly dab on the edges to get a clean finished look. If you accidentally mark outside the letters, quickly rinse it down with water and try again. Let stand to dry for a few minutes.

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